Matta is fresh, timeless and liberating; 
a combination of simplified styling and endless possibilities.

Founder and designer of Matta, Cristina Gitti has always been inspired by the numerous possibilities of handmade design. Her textile and clothing ventures are based on the central theme of limitless forms of individually made creations and journeys where travel is ever present.

The Matta Collection combines mixing of age-old techniques with spirited new colors. The feeling of movement and a sense of history translating to a vibrant color palette composed upon varied textures and patterns.

Matta Ready-to-Wear includes lightweight cottons, wools and silks, which are tailored to create shirts, tunics, skirts and dresses for women. Rich textiles and fresh tones are further developed in pashmina, wool and silk shawls, scarves, home accessories and children’s clothing. Cristina furthers the line by creating hand stitched leather sandals, handbags, recycled paper products and more.